The Croatian currency is the kuna, which is divided into 100 lipas. (The word "Kuna" means marten, a weasel-like animal, whose fur Croats used for payment many centuries ago. The lipa is a lime tree, but we don't know the connection here!)

The kuna is overvalued but is a stable currency. The current exchange rate between the kuna and various world currencies can be found at the Croatian National Bank.

Otherwise, taking whatever currency is most suitable/easy for you is fine - i.e. if you're arriving from the U.S., just bring along your US Dollars! Likewise, take your UK Pounds if coming from the UK - no need to change your Pounds into US Dollars (or vice versa) to change into Kunas when in Croatia

The health service is of a good standard. You have to pay for seeing a doctor or being treated in a hospital. Certain countries such as Britain have reciprocal medical arrangements whereby, in principal, you should not have to pay for any emergency treatment. It is therefore useful to wave you passport first and mention this.


It is quite safe to travel all over Croatia and mugging and thefts are not a problem. You can safely walk in any town at night, but use your common sense, as always. In some coastal resorts, as is common all over the Mediterranean, single women may be approached or wolf whistled at. Say no firmly and you will not be bothered. In case of any problems, approach a policeman or even a soldier, who will assist you. Both the Croatian police and the army are well disciplined. If you have a language problem, approach a younger person (teenagers/students) as they all speak some English and will be eager to help.

Croatian beers are of a high quality. Try Zagreb's Ozujsko pivo or Karlovacko pivo or Tuborg, brewed under license in Croatia. In Dalmatia, some red wines are exquisite such as Faros or Dingac. You should also try Croatia's favourite brandy sljivovica, made from plums, or travarica, a herbal brandy

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